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FEATURING: William and Susan Brinson

What do the words "Creative Community" bring to mind for you? How do you feel is the best way to utilize members in a Creative Community?

We have a group of creative friends we lean on. We bounce ideas off each other and talk about the future of photography, advertising and social media a lot. We could talk for hours about Instagram! We're into what's next and always into what's innovative. The photography industry is changing as a whole and we often discuss where it will be in 5, or 10 years. I think it's great to have people who understand where you are at and will toss ideas with you for hours.

How did you discover your creativity?

We've always been creative together. In high school we'd hang out in Mrs. Spindler's photography class. Printing teen angst style images in the dark room. At the time I was more interested in painting and graphic design, while William went on to pursue a career in photography. We've always liked making things and solving visual problems to create beauty.

Name the biggest challenge you have had in your career to date. How did you solve it?

Partnering as a team for sure. It was such a natural thing for us, we didn't think it was a big deal. I had a conventional career in advertising as a design director. I love design and advertising, but I wasn't 'making' anything. I was putting out fires and managing people, but I wasn't being creative. About 5 years ago we decided to start a blog together called House of Brinson. Often Will would come home from a shoot and we'd shoot for a few hours for our blog. We worked nights and weekends on working together. We started to plan my exit from the advertising industry, and we began working as a photography team professionally. We solved any transition issues by learning how to talk about how we work together, and meeting people in person. We still get that question 'who pushes the camera button?' Does anyone ask Daft Punk who does what? No!

What would be your DREAM ASSIGNMENT?

We'd love to photograph a campaign and I mean the WHOLE campaign. The advertising, social and content. We love shooting for different types of media but often times the teams who manage those divisions of companies or agencies are separate. For instance the social team is separate from the advertising team. We'd love to work on a project where we shoot imagery for the client as a whole, and understand the different usages. We love seeing how people are engaging with content and imagery, so it would be a great photography project.

Who are the people that have been instrumental in your success as a creative professional?

Our agent Elyse Connolly and the team at the agency. We are creative people and she motivates us and has a great business sense. I love it when she tells us to look at things 'soberly'. She's probably right. I'm part of a mastermind group too, which is focused on small, creative businesses. This group is great because you can't sit and get stale, you have to keep moving forward.

What would be your last supper?

SUSAN: Chocolate cake. My homemade version. No store bought here. I don't understand people who buy boxed cake mixes.

WILLIAM: Susan's homemade fried chicken and biscuit sandwich, with hot sauce and honey. Must be Cholula Hot Sauce.

Full Name: William and Susan Brinson

Profession: Commercial Photographers

Industry: Photography


Instagram: @houseofbrinson

Twitter: @houseofbrinson


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