FEATURING: Clémentine Desseaux

What do the words "Creative Community" bring to mind for you? How do you feel is the best way to utilize members in a Creative Community?

I am all about creative community! One of my dream is to run a collective of creatives! 
I love being able to art direct a team that I choose and I love, I love good people, fun ones and easy ones. Those usually become my close creative community and friends sometimes too.
Working together is having the same goal but maybe a 100 creative ways to get there. In my job I get to hire lots of different profiles from models to post production and I like to see an idea being transformed into a finished project, that's the most exciting part and it can't happen without a whole creative community behind it!

How did you discover your creativity? 

I was always creative from as long as I can remember. I was doing mood boards on canvas when i was a teen, thinking of becoming a full time artist. Little, I was inventing words, creating new spelling for them; some called it dyslexia, I called it creativity! I always imagined better, more fun and creative ways to do things. Growing up I found my creativity in the kitchen and in fashion. Now it's in my everyday, from the creative pitch I send to clients to the creative ways to come up with sponsorship for All Womxn Project!

What are you working on these days?

100 things as always. I am working on producing 2 editorials my team is shooting in February in NYC, making my final mood board for the next content shoot for my foundation shooting in February, too, and looking for partners for our big Women's Day Campaign launch in March. In addition, I am working crazy hours as a model on set in LA all week with the Adhesive team!

What was your first “Big Break” in your profession?

As a model, I starred in a TV commercial back in France before I moved the the USA. It was the first time France was seeing a visibly plus size woman star in a TV commercial. It was epic!

What's in your backpack/handbag/tote right now?

Phone, 2 extra portable chargers, computer. charger, lip balm, mini Nutella (you never know), rose spray, hand cream, Advil.

Top 3 Tips you would give someone starting out in your creative profession: 

Be creative, be kind, be strong and brave cause it's a fucking ride.

Who are you following right now on Instagram for inspiration and why?


What is your MOTTO in life?

Love life and life will love you back.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

I am not feeling guilty about food anymore. So that's out... I would say "bad" music choices. I love cheesy, corny, girly white girl music too...

If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring?

Unlimited access to SPF 50, PH + water , a +1 

What do your parents think you do?

Sit pretty and get paid... I don't think they understand much about any of my other activities...

What would be your Networking Do's & Dont's?

Do knock on every door... worst thing that can happen to you is be rejected, and you have to learn that anyways!
Do be nice to everyone always, don't judge a book by its cover.
Do go to those boring, annoying, tiring events and networking things... once in a lifetime, it's worth your time!
Do work hard but more so do work smart, some stuffs are just not worth your energy and heart! 
Do choose your partners well.
Don't grab an attitude.
Don't be a diva.
Don't talk behind people's backs.
Don't be afraid, or only to not do your best.
Don't trust people until they've proven they are trust worthy.

Full Name: Clémentine Desseaux

Profession: Multi-talented

Industry: Fashion-ish

Website: /

Facebook: @clementinedesseaux

Instagram: @bonjourclem

Twitter: @bonjourclem

LinkedIn: Clementine Desseaux


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