FEATURING: Lindsey Williams

What do the words "Creative Community" bring to mind for you? How do you feel is the best way to utilize members in a Creative Community?

I like to think of it as a collective of people who come together with similar passions in a supportive and nurturing manner. It’s important that my community of artists have the ability to listen to each other, give advice when sought, celebrate the successes and of course nerd out about products! Most importantly supportive of each other.


How did you discover your creativity?

Creativity as a makeup artist didn't come naturally for me. I had to cultivate my eye and techniques to become the type of artist I wanted to be. Studying editorials, watching fashion shows, reading as much as I could about what top artists had in their kits were all a part of my research to feed my creative knowledge. When I began my career Facebook, YouTube and Instagram weren't what they are now, or didn't exist at all. Assisting and self education was the only way to strengthen my skill set as a makeup artist. I started assisting makeup artist, Lottie during New York Fashion Week and quickly became her fist assistant during show season in NYC and Milan. I've learned a lot of my techniques, speed and creative process from working over 5 years on her team. It's one of the best things I've ever done to keep my creativity sharp!


Name the biggest challenge you have had in growing your business. How did you solve it? 

The continual challenge is always in strengthening my book of work and connecting with the best talents I possibly can. My biggest challenge was met with the most difficult of solutions. I had to move out of my small, midwest market of Milwaukee, WI and start from the beginning again in New York City. It wasn’t a change I took lightly but I knew if I stayed focused, worked hard and created a strategy for myself I would get where I hoped to go! Within three years I signed with an agency I had set my sights on when I moved to New York.


What was your first “Big Break” in your profession?

As a midwest girl my first big break was an IZOD campaign in Tulum, Mexico. I went to NYC for one week and met with several agencies in hopes of being represented. One agent gave me the chance to take a meeting with a huge firm. He told me, if you book this job I’ll sign you to my agency. A few days later I went into this meeting and about 20 minutes later walked out with a confirmed booking to Mexico for a four day ad campaign. I ended up signing with that agency and rebooked IZOD for several more campaigns. My portfolio began to shift after that day and I felt validated that I could make a career out of being a makeup artist and contend with the NYC artists.


What's in your backpack/handbag/tote right now?

La Roche, Posay Cicaplast lips barrier repairing balm, Aveda pachouli oil, Swell bottle usually with lemon ginger tea, a unicorn pin that says “Don’t Give Up On Your Day Dream”, YSL wallet, Connemara marble wishing stone, my gold MacBook


Top 3 Tips you would give someone starting out in your creative profession: 

What you put into your career (i.e. time, money, research, etc) is what you will get out of it in return. Work HARD to become the artist you want to be. It won’t be handed to you. It must be earned.
Always show respect to others regardless of what is shown to you. I stand by that 100%.
Take time for yourself. Don’t get so lost in the work that you forget to take care of yourself.


Who are you following right now on Instagram for inspiration and why?

I follow a lot of my fellow makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers and fashion stylists that inspire me constantly. Lately I’ve really been into painters and illustrators. Here are three that I’m always excited to see what they post next.

  • @AnthonyHopkins - Did you know he paints? I don’t know what it is about his art but I can’t get enough of his paintings and feel inspired by his use of so much color and texture.
  • @MabGraves - She’s an amazing illustrator who constantly tickles my spirit as her paintings take me to a dream world that I can live in for hours.
  • @grenomj - A Painter and Illustrator, Minjae Lee inspires me with the details put into every art piece


What is your MOTTO in life?

Don’t let anyone steal your joy and live life with no regrets. These two things have brought me back to my center. My joy is my own and not one thing has the power to steal it. I also never want to regret my choices in this life so I think on them with this motto in mind and trust, it again has brought the best direction to my life.


What is your guiltiest pleasure?: 

Wine + Whiskey! See #8 about no regrets!


If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring?

There is no way I would ever travel to an island with only 3 things. Come to think of it, I’ve never gone anywhere in the world with just 3 things!

  • Copious amounts of BIAFINE Sunscreen
  • Lemon water
  • My HUGE Mara Hoffman beach towel and swimsuit
  • The largest sunnies I can find
  • Guilty pleasure request: Mumford & Sons, so I could have my own private concert every day


What do your parents think you do?

My parents have a pretty strong grasp on what I do. However, they probably would admit to thinking I had lost my mind when I chose to move to NYC. But as all good parents do, they supported the move and of course, years later are just as excited as I am when I call with an exciting booking!


What would be your Networking Do's & Dont's?

Don’t be an obnoxious and desperate artist. Be professional and driven.

Write to people, communicate to those you wish to work with that you wish to work with them! So many people hope someone will reach out to them … don’t be that person. Action in this industry breeds more action, bookings, loyalty and energy!

Know whom you are connecting with. Remember their name.

Be your authentic self, whatever that is and speak, walk, act with confidence.

Full Name: Lindsey WIlliams

Profession: Makeup Artist

Industry: Advertising/Fashion

Website: +


Instagram: @crazypretty

Twitter: @CrazyPretty


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