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What are you working on these days?

We work on lots of brands at 72andSunny, everything from Coors, Starbucks, Truth, Target, Google, to Call of Duty (Activision). We help on all aspects of production, starting with creative development and artist selection, to campaign execution, which is either shoot production, or working with illustrators. Outside of 72, we like to stay connected to the art community of Los Angeles, which is really having a seriously rad moment right now. There are a lot of good things to see out there!!!


Top 3 Tips you would give someone starting out in your creative profession:

1.    Work on developing your creative vision. We want to hire people to do what they excel in their personal work into their professional work, so if your point of view is focused this should be seamless.

2.    Don't stop making. Its great if you have something you are known for, but after a year (or even a few months), we need to see new work!! Blame the Internet, but it's true!

3.    This might be hard to hear, you don't know everything. Always keep learning. People are a resource, and take what you can from those willing to teach you!


Who are you following right now on Instagram for inspiration and why?

Of course we love 72artproduction!!! We love art so much, and Instagram has been such an amazing outlet for us to share what inspires us with other like minded art nerds. Here are some of our favorite accounts to get lost in: 

1. Visual Melt

2. Street Art News 

3. Fruit Stickers

4. The Women Who Draw 

5. The Family Acid

6. X-Rated Collection 

7. Foam Magazine 

8. Puss Puss Mag 

9. Goodtype 

10. Pam Loves Ferrari Boys 



What do your parents think you do?

Ha, no one's parents know what they do! They know we make ads, and that is enough.


What would be your Networking Do's & Dont's?

Be yourself. Don't sell things you don't believe in. It might seem obvious, but don't harass people! Be chill, believe in what you are doing and the right people will respond to it.

Full Name: Veronica Reo & Diana Pam

Profession: Senior Art Producers

Industry: Advertising



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