Our Team

Sticking Creatives Together


Shabnam Azadeh

Shabnam inspires others to explore and grow creatively. For 10+ years as a photo agent Shabnam has helped photographers develop their voice and portfolio to the industry. Shabnam gets both sides; what the client wants and what the creative needs to present their brand as the ultimate package. She is an AmEx OPEN Influencer and helps small business excel.



Danielle Gray

Partner, NYC events

Danielle, born and raised a Midwest Girl, moved to NYC to live out her creative dreams. Ever a story teller, reader, watcher and listener, Danielle uses all this and more in her role as Photo Producer at West Elm.


Zack Brown

Partner, NYC events

Zack believes in the importance of intention, preparation and resilience. He's an innovator, thought leader and people reader at Shutterstock.


Jenna Teeson

Partner, Boston events

Jenna thinks in images, with a laser focus and sharp edit. She enjoys sharing her passion for photography, burning the midnight oil representing artists through her own agency.


Sam Comen

Partner, Los Angeles Events

A photographer living and working in LA, Sam’s been privileged to shoot portraits of luminaries from across the worlds of entertainment, science, and business. Comen’s personal work includes environmental portrait essays in locales salient in the American collective consciousness.


Lauren Jones

Partner, Los Angeles events

Lauren is an eternal optimist who likes to make (and keep) meaningful connections wherever the world takes her. She loves match-making so be sure to tell her if you’re on the prowl – at work or at play!


Ingrid Adamow

Partner, Boston Events

Ingrid is a bubbly Boston girl who gets a thrill out of bringing a creative concept from page in a deck to page in a magazine. She does so in her role as art producer at Arnold Worldwide.