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FEATURING: Morgan Lampe

What do the words "Creative Community" bring to mind for you? How do you feel is the best way to utilize members in a Creative Community?

Surrounding myself with like-minded people who are passionate and have a drive to create, no matter what they are creating. I’ve been lucky to have worked with so many talented people that I can turn to. It's essential to have a group of people around where you can be quirky, share life experiences and bounce ideas off of each another. I find the gem ideas are discovered this way.

How did you discover your creativity?

It was just there naturally at a young age. Pretty much everything that made me light up as a child was some form of creativity. Drawing, dancing, music, you name it, I loved it. Activities at my birthday parties (where I had to design my own invitations, of course) consisted of splitting up into groups and choreographing dance routines. At the age of five I’d lug a large bag around anywhere and everywhere, filled with paper and colored pencils. Portraits on the sidelines of my brother’s soccer games were always a big hit. It wasn’t until high school advertising design class when I discovered I wanted to pursue design as a career.

What was your first “Big Break” in your profession?

I’d say working on my first brand campaign. I was flying home to Seattle and flipping through InStyle and there it was, my first ad, live, in print. I didn’t realize it was placed in that issue, so it was exciting to say the least.

What's in your backpack/handbag/tote right now?

My wallet, iphone, laptop, headphones, an excessive number of lipsticks & glosses, lifesavers mints, hand lotion, bobbie pins & a hair tie.

Top 3 Tips you would give someone starting out in your creative profession:

1. Go after what you are passionate about, even if you’ve never done it before. You should always be learning something new anyways.

2. Your successes will always outweigh the failures. Remember that when you need a pick me up.

3. Laugh, we’re in an industry where we get to create, it should be fun. And if it’s not fun, figure out how to change that.

Who are the people that have been instrumental in your success as a creative professional?

Glen Walrond, Eve Gonzalez, Karolyn Stayer, Tom Rascati, Cristina Carlino and Mark Yoshimoto have all been huge influences in my career. They’ve always lifted me up and inspired me.

What would be your last supper?

Warm sourdough bread, a wedge of triple cream cheese and an extra, extra dirty martini.

Full Name: Morgan Lampe

Profession: Graphic Designer/Art Director

Industry: Design / Beauty / Packaging / Branding / Advertising



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