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FEATURING: Jamie Reiley

What do the words "Creative Community" bring to mind for you? How do you feel is the best way to utilize members in a Creative Community?

Often times there are groups and communities that are specialized and only dedicated to the people that work within that craft. I think a term like Creative Community makes it more encompassing and open to every aspect of the community that deems itself creative. It’s blends everyone from photographers to set designers to pastry chefs. I think there are a number of ways to utilize the members in the community especially in the advertising industry. Whether it be through in-house vendor screenings, open houses or meet up organizations such as Adhesive. It allows people from different disciplines to get actual face time with each other, talk about what they do, exchange contacts and then go create killer work together.

How did you discover your creativity?

Creativity is everywhere you look. And the operative word there is to “look”. I love the motto, “It’s not what you see but how you see”. To me having that lens when looking at the world around you can give you tremendous inspiration. I think it’s really cool when you discover it accidentally. I remember in college I had a design professor that got all of us a subscription to the New York Times. He taught us that life is not all about what we are focusing on in school. You need to open your minds to the entire everything around you. You never know when creativity will strike so keep your eyes, ears and mind always open. I think that has always been important to me because I’ve had some cool ideas pop into my head just walking to the train and seeing something so random that somehow it just fit perfectly into what I was thinking at the time and gave me a little nugget of an idea to work on later.

What's in your backpack/handbag/tote right now?

I don’t carry much really. Laptop, iPad mini, headphones, small sketchpad and a pen & pencil, stowaway raincoat, orange tic tacs, lunch bag.

Do you have any advice for someone starting out in your creative profession?

There are a few very simple things that I adhere to honestly.

1) Be Nice. Because the world is a very small.

2) Ask as many questions as you can because the person you’re learning from was once in the exact same position as you and had to learn everything they know too. And of course always take the time to help those that need it. Giving back is rewarding and the people you help will never forget it.

3) Find what it is that you love, something that makes you want to get up in the morning and you will be happy for the rest of your life. If you have ever received an email from me or see my status on IM you will see a quote that I try to live by which is: “Remember What You Wanted to Be”

4) Balance! Remember to always take care of yourself and surround yourself with the people that make you happy and fill your life with great experiences and life memories because in the end that’s what really matters most.

What would be your DREAM ASSIGNMENT?

Wearing a heavy camera bag on my back, two cameras strapped to my sides and hoofing it through some remote location like Patagonia shooting thousands of photos until my hand cramped and I couldn’t move it anymore.

Who are the people that have been instrumental in your success as a creative professional?

There are plenty of people that I’ve met that have been inspiring to me. Everyone from my family and friends, to robotics engineers, to painters to Sunday school teachers. I love spending time with folks that are smarter than me. People that when they talk about they love they get that look in their eye and get all jazzed up and you can just feel the passion that they have for what they do. It’s pretty awesome.

What would be your last supper?

A big table overlooking the ocean surrounded by friends and family eating the most amazing Italian food, drinking the best wine and beer and topping it off with cheesecake!

Full Name: Jamie Reiley

Profession: Creative Art Direction and Freelance Photographer

Industry: Advertising



Instagram: @jameshound

Twitter: @jameshound


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